Open letter to Jimmie Rodgers and Michael Chaney

After spending five years of my life together with Thomas Höggren working for Jimmie Rodgers, producing and designing his original official website.
When I started working with Jimmie and Michael Chaney (Jimmie's adviser) they had a manuscript of a book that no publisher wanted and I said to them let's go ahead and do the book by ourself which we all agreed on and the agreement was that we four part owners should pay 25% each. Ending up I paid the book by myself except for 1.200 dollars for Michael Chaney. I designed and produced Jimmie's book "Dancing on the Moon" spending over 4.000 dollars of my own money.
Jimmie recieved 600 copies which he could sell by himself and he made well over 20.000 dollars in profit.
Profit I hope Jimme has declared to the U.S. tax authorities.
No one else have made a dollar of the book...
I also designed every CD and DVD that has been out for sale on his first official website.
I paid for the transformation from vinyl to CD of all Jimmie's Dot records, his A&M album "Troubled Times" and his last album "Today".
I also paid all the cost of producing the CD's and the DVD's.
Until today mine and Thomas losses are nearly 20.000 dollars but we always thought we would be treated fair by Jimmie and Michael Chaney and get our money back!
We spent thousands and thousands of hours working for nothing and now Jimmie and Michael just stealing five years of work for us. Behind our back they have started a new website and webshop without even telling us, using all CD's, DVD's that I paid for and also selling a new edition of the book using my design without my permission. I guess just out of gread...
Now I say enough is enough! In my opinion Jimmie has treaten me and Thomas the same ruthless way manager and recording companies once treated him.
I withdraw all the rights for the new website ( to use my design and original of any product, that includes the book "Dancing on the Moon", all the CD's and DVD's with immediate effect.
If the website ( still using my design after the 20th of March 2013 I will report this to the American authorities. According to international laws they can't use my design without my permission.
People I have talked to and who loved Jimmie as a singer are chocked by the fact I have revealed.
And all the facts I have stated in this letter I can proof with figures and mails if needed.
This is the biggest sorrow in my life to be treated like dirt by a man I once so much admired.
I am wondering how many people would be interested to see a movie based upon the book "Dancing on the Moon" about a former star that was treated bad by record companies and manager but later the same singer start to treat people the same ruthless way.
How much credibility is there then left...?
I was in love with his voice but fell out of love of the man.

Anders Söderlund (and on the behalf of Thomas).
Former business partner to Jimmie Rodgers and the designer and producer of his Official Website/Webshop, all his CD’s, DVD’s and his book “Dancing On The Moon”.